Our story

Showstak  is a dynamic industry leader on the European market, constantly introducing new solutions and trends shaping designs integrating custom Stage Automation systems with lights and multimedia.

With strategic office in in major European city, Warsaw of the , Showstak operates globally delivering complex services as well as knowledge of local regulations, cultures and languages to help you achieve your goals.

Because of our sole focus on Stage Automation we work with some of the world’s most talented designers, providing them with powerful and trusted technologies with extensive application know-how enabling our clients to innovate in their field simultaneously to our progressive development.

Our objective:

From the beginning our goal has been to develop unique Stage Automation and design concepts with intelligent inspiration synonymous with safety, precision, reliability and efficiency ready to innovate and reinterpret the world of automation.

Our team

Our team consists exclusively of professionals with passion, managers, producers, designers, engineers and technicians who have gained their experience over the last 15 years and who were responsible for the successful implementation of our products at various events around the world including:

Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan
and Resistance in Ibiza, Spain.

We deeply believe in the industry and functional specialization of our team, we strive to create a stable and at the same time full of ambition and challenges work environment, in which the know-how is supported by internal synergy and collegial culture of the company, guaranteeing the highest substantive value of executed projects.