With dynamic development of the company and the stage automation segment here at Showstak our team of skilled engineers together with the R&D department are responsible for creation and introduction of innovative solutions for the most demanding events and increasingly complex entertainment industry.
We work for the best in the field so with a worldwide leaders of automation technology implementing their trusted motion control systems into our custom-made stage automation products for its maximum creative potential.

With fully programmable control of hoists, winches and C-beam trolleys we can precisely design repeatable accuracy series of synchronised moves – both vertically and horizontally for anything from scenic chandeliers or LED screens flown around a revolving stage to flying dancers or acrobats.
From the extensive animation mechanisms, rails, turntables, stationary or portable lifts and platforms we will design, build and automate your purpose-built device, turning your biggest dreams into superior performance reality

Original Showstak series

Fly Rail

Fly Rail

Experience our fresh technological thought and discover unique automation possibilities to stun your audience. Introducing modular design ready for integration with media servers and variable speed chain hoist control system.

Create and control dynamic movement of LED screens, scenography objects and people.

The use of media server to track the position of master trolleys allows for fluent adaptation of specific content to different speeds and positions of moving screens, including tracking the speaker with the selected screen with the presentation.

For powerful and complex 3D visual effect, linear motion of the Showstak Fly Rail can be supplemented with rotary motion adding a dedicated, compact Showstak Rotator and up-down movement by adding one of the compatible chain hoist control systems.

Special modular construction of the rail, exceptional load capacity of components at high dynamic loads and the applied certified automation system ensure safe, precise and repeatable motion control offering unlimited arrangement possibilities and flexible creativity when designing the next premium event.



Showstak Rotator is a versatile, multipurpose device destined to provide rotary motion for anything from LED screens to various stage elements.

This compact but powerful rotator can work as one of the modules of the Showstak FLY RAIL or as an independent unit rotating a given object weighing up to 600 kg. at a maximum speed of 15 RPM.

The use of high quality control systems for motion control ensures accurate and repeatable positioning, smooth bi-directional rotation, variable speed and programmable acceleration and deceleration.

Stage Lift

Stage Lift

Revolutionary bold design, unprecedented combination of the ultimate compact lifting system and linear guidance has resulted in fully automated, multipurpose stage lift solution for the premier entertainment industry.

The sturdiest of platforms delivers high weight capacity and flawless lifting technique, providing maximum comfort and the highest safety standards even for the most demanding acrobatic virtuosity.

Praised for its capabilities by the industry professionals, The Showstak Stage Lift boasts heavy-duty performance and refined elegance throughout each show leaving both the performer and operator in safe hands.

From concert stage to orchestra lifts, this reliable unit can be easily adapted to suit any installation today offering long durability with a minimal maintenance.

Roll Drop


Showstak Roll Drop is machinery used for fast removable projection screen in various sizes. Roll Drop is a versatile, multipurpose device destined to provide screen roll up or down in seconds to instantly change the look of the stage.

This modular unit can work as 2m span up to 10 meters of span. You can choose the size for every 2m length difference.
The use of high quality Kinesys control systems for motion control ensures accurate and repeatable positioning, smooth bi-directional rotation, variable speed and programmable acceleration and deceleration.

Capacity: 250 kg Speed of movement: max 60RPM safety standard pren17206

Modular stage lift

Showstak Modular lift unit is machinery used for various lift platform sizes.
Modular lift is a versatile, multipurpose device destined to provide stage or platform moving up or down in seconds to instantly bring people, scenography or objects to the stage.

This modular unit can work as 2mx2m span up to 15x15m size stage lift.
You can choose the size for every 2m length difference.

The use of high quality Kinesys control systems for motion control ensures accurate and repeatable positioning, smooth bi-directional rotation, variable speed and programmable acceleration and deceleration.

Capacity: 2000 – 16 000 kg Speed of movement: max 12m/min safety standard pren17206

Automated platform

Showstak team developed automated platform as off-the-shelve unit ready to hire. The platform is controlled by wireless radio controlled pilot. It can be also multiplied to achieve various sizes.

Platform is based on a main basic size of 2mx2m. The capacity of main unit is 1000 kg and can achieve 1.2 m/s speed. The unit can also rotate so it can act also as an turntable.


Pantograph is perfect to stabilise the horizontal and vertical move of the object.
This product is compatible with Elevation and Apex system hoists.

The unit minimum reach is 2m and maximum up to 8 meters of height. It creates a perfect combination with Fly rail system to prevent swinging of flying objects.

Capacity: 500 kg Speed of movement: max 24m/min safety standard pren17206

The APEX System from KINESYS

apexHOIST 500

  • maximum speeds of 500mm/s (100ft/min) and 200mm/s (40ft/min)
  • the highest safety standards suitable for movement over people and in show situations
  • completely silent brakes across the range along with the ability to hover
  • ultra-smooth movement


Apex represents the state of the art in variable speed chain hoist control. Both the controller and hoists are built to Kinesys’ exacting specification which allows for numerous features to be available to the operator.

SIL3 monitoring of speed, ramps, load, position and brakes means that any application can be supported by Apex and when working with the Mentor 4 controllers groups of hoists can be assigned and protected at a SIL3 level as well.

The Apex system from Kinesys is the complete solution to high-end chain hoist control applications. It includes all the features you would expect like compliance with EN61508-SIL3 and DIN56950, sub millimetre precision and true zero speed hover. It also contains some you might not expect like silent brakes, intelligent duty cycle management and real-time data logging.