Resistance Ibiza 2018

Resistance Music is the label known from producing one of the most spectacular techno parties in the industry. Their stage designs always require advanced technical solutions, that’s why Visionlite was approached to deliver the knowledge and the technology to materialize the design. Resistance Ibiza is performing its shows in the weekly cycle through all of the summers in the worlds biggest club – Privilege.

This was another year for Visionlite to support Resistance show on the White Isle. The Idea was to fly with 13 constructs over the dancing crowd. 10 of them were LED screens mounted to the truss with the various kind of lamps, while 3 of the constructs were the empty frames with the lamps and the strobes attached.

The complicated moves of the constructs required zero speed hoists, plus the tricky part of the programming was to coordinate a movement of the screens and the frames, as some of the screens were meant to go through the frames. The proper system to handle this project due to its agility and safety standards could be only Kinesys Apex.

Visionlite has provided 52 zero speed Apex Hoists, which was operated by K2 Software. The programming contained around 50 cues to provide the most stunning effect through the movement and the end positions of the constructs.


Resistance Ibiza 2018


Ibiza, Spain