Kontrafakt O2 Arena 2023

Check out this behind the stage footage of a huge stage automation Installation we did for the legendary Czechoslovakian rap band, Kontrafakt!

Working alongside the talented stage designer Martin Hruska, our company was chosen to deliver 7 mind-blowing flying artist podiums. 🚀Five of these podiums were strategically positioned above the crowd and catwalk, forming the iconic Kontrafakt logo. But that’s not all! We also created two rectangular platforms equipped with dozens of retro pars, allowing two band members to step in and fly during their performance.

To enhance the visual spectacle, we provided variable speed motors for 9 fingers, complete with stunning lights and pyro effects installed above the stage. Each object not only moved up and down but also tilted at dramatic angles up to 45 degrees, adding an extra layer of excitement to the show.

The final result? Absolutely awesome! 😍We are very happy to have left the entire production team and artists satisfied with the show’s final effect.

Special thanks to the talented individuals who made this project possible:
Show Designer: Martin Hruška
Production Director: Cyril Horanek
Show Head Rigger: Jan Špringr
AV Equipment Provider: Ministry Rental Service
Stage Automation: Showstak Automation
Kinesys Vector Operator: Kosma Szostak
Company Head Rigger: Simon Captain Howdy
Riggers Crew Chief: @tomala, HIGHER COLLECTIVE

We are grateful to have been part of this unforgettable experience! Stay tuned for more exciting projects coming your way. 🎉✨ #Kontrafakt #kinesysincontrol #kinesysprojects #stageautomation #StageDesign #CreativeProduction #showstakautomation #showstak




Prague, Czech Republic